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Источники питания AC-DC

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  • Источники питания 1U Front End
  • Rack mount (Hot swap)
  • 864W to 1008W
  • 1 o/p


  • Источники питания мощностью до 10кВт в стойке формата 1U
  • Rack mount (Hot swap)
  • 1584W to 2500W
  • 1 o/p
Наименование изделия Диапазон мощности (Вт) Тип исполнения Выходы
Источники питания 1U Front End Rack mount (Hot swap)
864 1008 Rack mount (Hot swap) 1 o/p
Источники питания мощностью до 10кВт в стойке формата 1URack mount (Hot swap)
1584 2500 Rack mount (Hot swap) 1 o/p

Популярные источники питания AC-DC »


Designed for light industrial, LED signage, broadcast, IT, and test & measurement equipment, the CUS200LD can deliver up to 120W convection, 150W conduction cooled and 206W peak power. The series is available with nominal output voltages of 5V, 7.5V, 12V, 15V, 24V and 48Vdc.  The low 31mm height makes it suitable for mounting in LED displays.


The CM4 range is the world's first conduction cooled modular power supply with a conduction cooled rating of 600W and up to 750W peak power for 5 seconds with up to 4 programmable outputs. CM4 may also be configured as convection or forced air cooled. Combining a 4kVac (2 x MOPP) input-to-output isolation and an 1 x MOPP input-to-ground isolation, the CM4 is certified for for medical and industrial equipment. 5V / 1A standby output is standard on all models and all output modules are supplied with remote sense and remote on/off.


The CSW65 series of industrial AC-DC power supplies are available in three package styles; U-channel, enclosed and DIN rail mounting.  The series can accept a wide 90 to 305Vac, making it suitable for use with 115, 230 and 277Vac nominal inputs. Output voltages range from 5 to 54V with output power levels of up to 65W. The CSW meets efficiency level VI and has a low off-load power consumption of <150mW.


CUS150M is a single output 2” x 4” AC/DC supply with  IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical approval as well as IEC60950-1 and is available in four mechanical formats: Open pcb, U channel, U channel with cover and enclosed integral top mounted cooling fan.
Open pcb versions provide 150W output power with forced air cooling of 1m/s, and 120W at 40 deg C ambient with convection cooling.
U channel versions provide 150W at up to 50 deg C ambient without any forced air cooling when mounted to a chassis.
It meets class B levels for both conducted and radiated emi and is
compliant with EN60601-1-2:2015 Edition 4 immunity requirements.      
CUS150M is suitable for both Class I and Class II installations, is available with 12V to 48V outputs and is ideal for medical and general applications that require silent operation with no fan noise.
Efficiency is up to 94%, and off load power consumption is less than 0.5 W.


The 500W, single output XMS500 is available in either class I or class II configurations. Both versions achieve class B EMC performance (both conducted and radiated) to EN55011 and EN55032. The whole range is certified for medical equipment with BF ready medical isolation (1 x MOPP input / ground, 2 x MOPP input / output and 1 x MOPP output / gnd). Other features include a selectable fan supply, various case options, remote on/off and dual or single fusing.

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